The Healing Power of Water

The missing natural element from the body that prevents and helps to cure painful degenerative diseases.


Scientific Information on Dehydration Pain Signifies Thirst For Water

F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

There has been a groundbreaking medical breakthrough that you need to be aware of. It has already shaken the foundation of mainstream medical establishment in this country. Simply put, it is the "new scientific understanding" that chronic unintentional dehydration can manifest itself in as many ways as we in medicine have invented diseases.

Tragically, this Medical Breakthrough is not reaching the public through the Health maintenance systems in this country.

It is estimated that more than 110 million people in America are prone to suffer from various pains; in some cases with crippling intensity. "Pain of dehydration" afflicts Americans in various ways not usually associated with dehydration. They are:

To relieve these devastating pains, a variety of pain medications have been produced and prescribed by doctors who never realized the physiologic significance of why the human body possesses a pain alarm system at all, and what is the common factor and trigger mechanism for these pains. Since these pains are felt in different locations, obviously they meant different diseases, or so it seemed! Because pain research has until now focused entirely on its solid composition, the common factor of water shortage in the interior of the body had not been apparent.

The new scientific understanding since 1987 is that localized or regional dehydration is the primary common factor and pain-producing problem of the human body. It becomes established when there is persistent regional water shortage, including in the interior of the pain-sensing nerve cells in the human body. This is the common factor to all body pains. In drought management mode, and when there is not enough "fresh water" to go around and wash out the toxic by-products of metabolism from the areas that are engaged in continuous activity, the nerve endings in those areas sense the increased toxicity, sound the alarm of pain and force the person to stop doing whatever that would increase toxic waste production - hence the loss of function in painful areas.

As an example - when the heart muscle itself is short of "fresh water" and yet has to beat faster and forcefully to cope with any strenuous physical undertaking, pain is produced. In that instance, pain means thirst for "fresh water," even if it is believed that the blood flow to the heart muscle is reduced because of narrowing of its blood vessels. Interestingly, even cholesterol plaque formations in the heart arteries are caused by the same dehydration.

In treatment of chronic pains of the body, simple water has natural medicinal effects far superior to any pain medication. Pain medications shut down the crisis calls of the body for water, but do not correct the "fresh water" shortage in the interior of the body. Whereas, water intake corrects the basic pain-producing drought and saves the body from further danger.

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